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Tata Education Excellence (TEEP) Annual Award Function

Tata Education Excellence (TEEP) Annual Award Function (October 19th 2019)

The Annual Award function of the Tata Education Excellence programme’s (TEEP) was held on October 19th, 2019 at the Fasy Auditorium, Loyola School.  

Padma Vibhushan Dr. K Kasturirangan (former Chairman, ISRO & Chairperson, New Education Policy draft committee, 2019) was the chief guest at the award function. Dr. Jamshed J Irani, former MD Tata Steel, & Mr. T V Narendran, CEO & MD, Tata Steel graced the occasion.

A total of 36 schools had participated in the TEEP program. Most of these schools also participated in other TEEP initiatives such as EQUIP (Educational Quality Improvement Projects), Innoteaching (Innovation in Teaching methods), Pankh (Student led improvement stories, Pearl (Best Practice Sharing), Dare To Try (Learning from failures), Outstanding Activity Club ,Teachers Award for excellence in teaching & Good Practice Adoption 

Awards for the year 2018 were given away by Mr Tarun Daga, MD JUSCO, Mrs. Ruchi Narendran, Prof. Sharad Sarin, Dr. Jamshed J Irani, Mr T V Narendran, MD and CEO, Tata Steel & Dr. Kasturirangan, Former Chief ISRO & Chairperson, New Education Policy Draft 2019


Recognition of schools participating in Assessment Programme-


TEEP Regular: 9 schools had participated in Regular assessment programme. Of these 6 were awarded for having achieved different commendation levels. 9 schools underwent Dip Check in 2018.

TEEP Basic: 3 out of 10 participating schools received commendation awards for having achieved a threshold score of 90% compliance to the BASIC checklist in 2018. 7 schools received certificate of participation.

TEEP Saral: 3 out of 8 participant schools received commendation awards for achieving a threshold score of 90% in the SARAL Assessment. 5 schools received certificate of participation.


Recognition of Improvement Initiatives under various categories:


  • 2 projects out of 30 ‘Education Quality Improvement Projects’ (EQUIP) were recognized at the award function.

  • 16 out of the 80 promising practices or ‘PEARL’ were recognized at the award function.

  • 7 projects out of the 29 Innoteaching papers submitted by teachers from 17 schools were recognized.

  • 5 projects out of 15 ‘PANKH’ projects submitted by students from 14 schools were recognized.

  • One school was awarded under the ‘Dare to Try’ category

  • 4 out f 25 Activity Clubs received their awards during the function

  • 3 teachers were recognized under Teacher Excellence Award out of 18 applicants.

  • Under the newly introduced award for Good Practice Adoption which aims to encourage learning though sharing & adoption, 3 practices from 3 schools were awarded.


Highlights: In his welcome address, Mr. Chanakya Choudhary, Chairman TEEP & Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel, congratulated the TEEP team for, not only sustaining the program for 15 years but revitalizing the program from time to time through various improvement initiatives. Mr. N.K. Sharan, Vice President, Tata Business Excellence Group shared the performance highlights of the TEEP program over the years. In his keynote address, Dr. K. Kasturirangan spoke of the need for transformation in schools to address future challenges and to prepare the 21st century learners.


In his address, the Chief Guest, Mr T V Narendran, lauded the initiatives taken under TEEP and stressed that focus should be on leveraging of technology, teacher skill development.

The TEEP Annual Award programme was attended by many Principals, teachers and students and managing committee members of more than 50 schools, senior government officials, Senior executives of Tata Group of Companies, Union leaders, retired executives, and senior citizens. The Programme was compered Ms. Vidya Battiwalla from the Tata Business Excellence Group, Ms. Rukshana Gardin of J. H. Tarapore School & Mr. Akshay Agrawal of Mount Litera Zee School.

Reward & Recognition Outcome –TEEP 2018



Process: TEEP assessment is done on a score of 1000 points. Schools are recognized for attaining a specific score band for the first time or “sustained award” for maintaining excellence levels within the specific score-bands mentioned below. The score is given by a team of trained Assessors. The Assessors also give strengths and OFI (Opportunities for Improvement) to the schools for working on further improvements. 9 schools participated in the TEEP REGULAR Assessment in 2018.




Score Band (out of 1000)


  1. Sustaining 600+ Commendation for Jamshed J Irani Award for excellence in Education (2017)



Tarapore School Agrico


  1. Commendation for Outstanding Achievement in Excellence in Education -First Time


550- 599

(First Time)


Kerala Public School Kadma

  1. Commendation for Outstanding Achievement in Excellence in Education - Sustained



Jusco School Southpark


  1. Commendation for Significant Achievement in Excellence in Education- Sustained

450-499 (Sustained)


  1. Commendation for Strong Commitment to Excellence in Education


(First Time)

AIWC Academy of Excellence

Baridih High School, AIWC

  1. Certificate of Participation



  1. Kerala Public School, Gamharia

  2. RMS School Balichela




Process: Schools are assessed by trained assessors using a BASIC Checklist. Schools obtaining a score of over 90 % are recognized and are eligible to apply for REGULAR Program. 10 schools participated in the BASIC Program and 3 were recognized.

  1. Commendation for Successful Completion of BASIC Assessment

Score greater than 90%

  1. Chinmaya Vidyalaya SouthPark

  2. Samudayik Uchch Vidyalaya, Baregora

  3. Vidyasagar Uchcha Vidyalaya, Bamangora

  1. Participation in BASIC Assessment

Certificate for Participation

  1. ABMPA Rahargora

  2. Gopa Bandhu Vidyapith

  3. Madhya Evam Uchcha Vidyalaya, Laxminagar

  4. Primary School, Byangbil

  5. Golmuri Utkal Samaj School

  6. Vidya Jyoti Tinplate school

  7. Sri Sri Vidya Mandir, Ghatsila



Process: Schools are assessed by trained assessors using a SARAL Checklist. The assessment is performed by trained assessors. Schools obtaining a score of over 90 % are recognized and are eligible to apply for Basic Program. 8 schools participated in the SARAL Assessment and 3 were recognized.


  1. Commendation for Successful Completion of SARAL

Score greater than 90%

  • Primary School Jaskandih

  • Primary School Kero

  • Tinplate Union Mahila Inter Mahavidyalaya

  1. Participation in SARAL Assessment

Certificate for Participation

  • Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

  • Tinplate Andhra Middle School

  • Tinplate Muslim Middle School

  • High School Rajdoha

  • Upgraded Middle School, Lowadih




Improvement Initiatives under the following categories-EQUIP, Dare to Try, Innoteaching, Pankh, Outstanding Activity Club, Teacher Award, Good Practice Adoption and Pearl- are submitted by various schools. Shortlisted papers are presented before a Jury for evaluation and the selected papers are recognized.


The following Initiatives were awarded:






Baridih High School, AIWC

Pace with Shapes- Improving Math Scores in Std. VII

Kerala Public School, Gamharia

Lakshya- To Increase Participation in Hobby Classes

Dare to Try

Kasidih High School

Let us Light the Lamp of Learning -Inclusive Education for the students of Masti Ki Pathshala

Good Practice Adoption

Gulmohur High School

Error Analysis- To analyze areas of improvement in student learning

JUSCO School Kadma

CCA-An Endeavour- To improve participation in CCA

RMS High School Khutadih

No Child Left Behind- Focused Approach for Segregated Students

Innoteaching: English Medium Schools -REGULAR

Jusco School South Park

Novella: A Novelty-Assignments for Students to Make Novels Interesting

Jusco School South Park

Teaching Chemistry- Chemistry Made Easy in High School

Tarapore School Agrico

Math in Every Walk of Life-Innovative Activities in Mathematics

Innoteaching: Hindi Medium Schools - BASIC .

ABMPA High School, Rahargora

Football and the Digestive System

Samudayik Uchcha Vidyalaya, Baregora

Tricks to learn Science easily

Samudayik Uchcha Vidyalaya, Baregora

Tricks to learn Trigonometric values

Vidyasagar Uchcha Vidyalaya, Bamangora

Making Learning Fun and Easy in Hindi, English and Mathematics



English Medium Schools - REGULAR

AIWC Academy of Excellence

Prayas (Neemon) -Promoting Natural Products

Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir, Ghatsila

  Class Magazine – A new Horizon- Developing writing skills in students

Vivek Vidyalaya

  Sanitation - Menstrual Hygiene and Educating Mothers



Hindi Medium Schools -BASIC

Samudayik Uchcha Vidyalaya, Baregora

Literacy Movement- Free Literacy for Adults and poor

Vidyasagar Uchcha Vidyalaya

Udaan-A new idea to promote concentration in students


Outstanding Activity Club: English Medium Schools -REGULAR

J.H Tarapore School

SAFE Club- Creating Road Safety Awareness in the Neighbourhood

Tarapore School Agrico

Go Green Club- Environment awareness through activities aligned with Behtar India Mission

Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya, Ghatsila

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Outstanding Activity Club: Hindi Medium Schools - BASIC

Vidyasagar Uchcha Vidyalaya, Bamangora

Zanshin Club – Creating Awareness on Hygiene and health in the neighbourhood

Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching

Jusco School Kadma

Anindita Roy

Jusco School Kadma

G V N Laxmi

Kerala Public School, Gamharia

Amol Dubraj








Baridih High School

Promoting Yoga through School Curriculum

Gulmohur High School

See Hear Do Activity Book-Promoting Learning with Understanding

Jusco School Kadma

Udaan- Motivation & Development of Substaff

Kerala Public School Burmamines

Nurturing Budding Talents in Archery, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Kabaddi and other Outdoor Sports

Kerala Samajam Model School

Knowledge Wave- Promoting GK in School

Jusco School South Park

Performance Improvement System for Workforce Development & Motivation

Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir

Prayas- A step to Empower Women

Tarapore School

School Musical Extragavanza-Promoting Multiple Skills in Students & Teachers

Chinmaya Vidyalaya South Park

Rainbow: The Art Fest - An Interschool Fest to Promote the love of Art

Gopabandhu Vidyapith

Democratic Student Council Election- Developing Responsible Citizens

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

Vocational Courses for Students

Madhya Evam Uchcha Vidyalaya, Laxminagar

Day of the Week- Promoting responsibility amongst students

Primary School Byangbil

Roll call with a difference- Leveraging assembly & attendance for students to learn elementary information

Primary School Kero

Quick Attendance in Assembly

Sri Sri Vidya Mandir Ghatsila

The Happiness Course - Art of living Programme for teachers and students

Tinplate Union Inter Mahila Maha Vidyalaya

Student Teams for College Duties - Developing leadership & teamwork