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The Tata Education Excellence Programme was started in 2003 – it comprised of an annual assessment where participating schools – then 17 in number – were assessed by a team of trained assessors from the CII, the Tata Group Cos. and few teachers & Principals from schools. Schools were trained to understand the criteria, to set up formal processes, and to conduct assessments.

That was the extent of engagement with schools under the TEEP. There was little or no engagement with the teachers or students.

 Gradually we began to involve teachers and students though Improvement initiatives like EQUIP initiated in 2010, and in subsequent years Pankh & Innoteaching, Outstanding Activity Club Award, Teachers’ Award for Excellence in Teaching & Dare to Try. Over the years, up to now, the total number of improvement stories amount to 843.

 EduQuest & EQUIP Day, which has been in practice since 2010, is a unique attempt to enable sharing of innovations & Improvement efforts of Jamshedpur schools, arising out of all the above initiatives, under one umbrella. This year, EduQuest & Equip Day was organised by Tata Business Excellence Group on Saturday, 16th December & Monday 18th December 2017, at the Golmuri Club.

 The TEEP programme caters to 3 categories of schools depending on process maturity levels

  • REGULAR: Schools with established processes

  • BASIC: Schools that are starting to implement basic processes

  • SARAL: Rural & semi-urban Hindi medium schools that are starting their improvement journey through implementing SARAL processes

 It is heartening to note that along with the English medium schools that have been a part of the TEEP since 2004, the teachers and students of Hindi medium rural/ govt and afternoon schools (which function in the premises of English medium schools) also showcased many improvement initiatives. This is indicative of their eagerness to learn, improve and innovate, despite the numerous constraints like poor attendance, shortage of teachers, & infrastructure, etc. under which they operate.


Category of Awards:


PANKH & OUTSTANDING ACTIVITY CLUB presentations were made before a Jury comprising of Dr J. Singh, Professor, X LRI, and Ms Jaya Singh, Chief, TQM, Tata Steel on Saturday,16th December 2017.


PANKH: PANKH empowers students to bring personal involvement in and around them by taking up any activity in the school and introspecting on it. Through PANKH, Students begin to question, innovate and appreciate global concerns, & look for solutions in diverse areas like Environment, Safety ethics and Social causes.

21 projects were submitted this year, bringing the total up to 130 since the PANKH was introduced. 7 projects including 1 from a Hindi medium school participating in the Basic program, were shortlisted for presentation.

 OUTSTANDING ACTIVITY CLUB: is a new initiative introduced in 2016. The purpose of this award is to promote/motivate schools to focus on leveraging these activity clubs to promote overall student development.

20 Activity Clubs submitted their papers of which 10 (including 1 paper from a Basic Applicant school) were shortlisted.


Improvement Initiatives under EQUIP, Dare to Try, Innoteaching were presented on Monday 18th December.


EQUIP: About 385 improvement initiatives have been submitted since 2010. Though academics remains the most significant concern, a wide spectrum of subjects are covered through Improvement Projects- Discipline, Environment, Infrastructure, Safety. School teams find innovative ways to resolve some newer areas such as Student Assessment Process, Social issues, and values through community services, creating a Sports curriculum & assessment system for student performance, inclusive education, and balance between academics & Cocurricular activities.

Under teaching Learning, new areas have been covered: Geography; Commerce; Trigonometry

The Segments covered are Primary to XII. About a 3rd of the projects impact whole school, and one-fifth are for improvements in high school academics. the rest from Primary and Middle school.


DARE TO TRY is a new initiative that recognizes innovative attempts at improvement that have not succeeded. It aims to encourage learning from failures. In its 2nd year, this category of award received 10 submissions of which 2 were presented before the Jury.


A total of 13 Education Quality Improvement and Dare to Try Projects were presented before a Jury comprising of Mr D.D.Pathak, ex Tata Steel & alumni of XLRI, Mr Subhrajit Basu, Senior Consultant Tata Business Excellence Group and Dr Anita Gupta, former Principal, Jamshedpur Women’s College on 18th December 2017.


INNOTEACHING: Teaching is at the core of the education process and a major concern the world over is the quality of teaching imparted to the young learner. The TEEP team has though this initiative, encouraged schools to innovate teaching methods. In the past 4 years, over 100 such projects have been submitted on subjects ranging from Science, Biology, English Math, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, Hindi, History, and even Ethics! On 18th December, teachers shared 12 such innovative teaching methodologies (out of 35 entries in 2017) to engage their students so that they learn with understanding. Of these, 3 papers were presented by Basic schools. Mr Gautam Mukherjee, visiting faculty at premier Management Institutes, Mr Rajeev Shrivastava, Dy.General Manager, ER, Tata Motors Ltd, and Sister Mridula, Principal, Sacred Heart Convent School were the Jury for this session.


The following schools participated in the various improvement initiatives:

  1. AIWC Academy of Excellence

  2. Baridih High School

  3. Baug-e-Jamsheed School

  4. Gulmohur High School

  5. J.H. Tarapore School

  6. JUSCO School Kadma

  7. JUSCO School, South Park

  8. Kasidih High School

  9. Kerala Public School, Burmamines

  10. Kerala Public School, Kadma

  11. Kerala Public School, Mango

  12. Kerala Public School, Gamharia

  13. Kerala Samajam Model School

  14. Mount Litera Zee School

  15. Motilal Nehru Public School

  16. NML Kerala Public School

  17. RMS High School, Khutadih

  18. St. Mary’s School, Noamundi

  19. Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir

  20. Tarapore School , Agrico

  21. Vidya Bharti Chinmaya Vidyalaya

  22. Samudayik Uchha Vidyalaya, Baregora*

  23. Samudayik Uchha Vidyalaya, Bamangora*

  24. Vidya Jyoti Tinplate School *

  25. ABMPA High School Rahargora *

  26. (*SARAL/BASIC Applicant Hindi Medium Schools)

Principals, Teachers & school management committee members were present at these functions. Dr. Deepali Misra, Mr. P Ramesh, Ms. Vidya P Battiwalla conducted the proceedings under the guidance of Mr. N K Sharan, Vice President, Tata Business Excellence Group.

The awardees will be recognized at the TEEP Annual Award function. The awardees under the various categories of awards are:



Title of Project


  1. Jusco School South Park


  2. Kerala Public School Gamharia


  3. Gulmohur High School

  4. NML Kerala Public School

  5. Kerala Samajam Model School

  1. Digi-Revolution- leveraging IT to enhance engagement with parents, and improving school’s processes

  2. Attitude of Gratitude- enhancing student participation in community service

  3. Public Speaking Made Easy

  4. Ino-Trigo- Hands on learning of Trigonometry

  5. Topo Tricks- Hands Learning about Topography

Dare to Try

  1. Jusco School Kadma

  1. Together We can make a Difference- Working with disabled students


  1. Samudayik Uchha Vidyalaya Baregora

  2. Vidya Sagar Uchha Vidyalaya, Bamangora

  3. Gulmohur High School

  4. Tarapore School Agrico

  5. Jusco School South Park

  6. Gulmohur High School


  7. Mount Litera Zee School

  1. Tricks to Learn Geography


  2. Teaching Congruency and Similarity in Math


  3. SIPAQ- An interesting method of learning English

  4. Gamopoly- Learning Math through games

  5. Playstation- Learning Physics (IX & X)

  6. My Constructivist Classroom- Interactive and facilitative method of learning Bioogy in IX & X

  7. Development of Audio Visual Content in English, Math & Social Studies with student support


  1. Kerala Samajam Model School

  2. Kerala Public School, Kadma


  3. J H Tarapore School

  4. Kerala Public School Gamharia


  5. Samudayik Uchha Vidyalaya, Baregora

  1. Win the English with Care and Share-The Smile Matters

  2. Wonder Girls- Awareness on Hygiene during the Menstrual Cyce

  3. No Polythene Zone

  4. Building Bridges-with neighbourhood Raptcha School and helping them

  5. Learning about Inventions

Outstanding Activity Cub

  1. AIWC Academy of Excellence

  2. Kerala Public School Gamharia

  3. Jusco School Kadma

  4. J H Tarapore

  5. Kerala Public School Kadma

  6. Vidya Jyoti Tinplate School

  1. Muskan

  2. Kalam Club

  3. Safe Club

  4. Environment Club

  5. Folk Dance Club

  6. Recreation Club