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TBExG organizes TEEP Annual Award Function

The Tata  Education Excellence programme’s (TEEP) Annual Award function was held on  May 1st 2017 at 4pm in Fasy  Auditorium, Loyola School. Mr T V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel India and South East Asia, was the Chief Guest for the occasion.

Highlights : Awards for the year 2016  were given away by Mr Tarun Daga, MD,TCIL,  Mr Ashish Mathur, MD, JUSCO, Mr A B Lall, Plant Head, TML, Mr Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel , Dr J J Irani, Former MD Tata Steel; and  Mr T V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel India and South East Asia.

A total of 53  schools had participated in the  TEEP program.  Most of these schools also participated in other TEEP initiatives such as EQUIP (Educational Quality Improvement Projects), Innoteaching (Innovation in Teaching methods),  Pankh (Student led improvement stories, Pearl (Best Practice Sharing), Dare  To Try (Learning from failures), Outstanding Activity Club  and Teachers Award  for excellence in teaching.

Recognition of schools participating in Assessment Programme-
TEEP Regular: In the two-year period 2015-17,  twenty (20) schools had participated in Regular assessment programme (13 schools on 2015 & 7 schools in 2016).  All Schools received commendation awards at the award function as well as “certificates for participation”. 100 trained assessors-including Principals and  teachers  guided by 3 mentors carried out the comprehensive task of assessing these schools.

 TEEP Basic: 11 schools had undertaken assessment under the  TEEP-Basic program in 2016. Eight (8) of these schools received commendation awards for having achieved a threshold score of 90% compliance to the checklist. Three (3) schools were given certificate of participation. 22 trained assessors carried out the assessment of these schools.

TEEP Saral: was introduced in 2014  to enable Hindi medium, rural govt and semi govt schools to initiate their improvement journey.
21 schools had undertaken assessment 2016 of which 6 schools received commendation awards for achieving a threshold score and 15 schools received certificate of participation. 42 assessors carried out the assessment of these schools.

Recognition of Improvement Initiatives from schools-
The schools were also awarded for their  participation in Improvement initiatives such as ‘Education Quality Improvement Projects’ (EQUIP).Out of 37 EQUIPs received from various schools, 3 were recognized at the award function.
Another category of recognition was ‘PEARL -Good Practices of Schools’. Of the 100 promising practices identified by the assessment teams, 9  were recognized at the award function.

papers are submitted by teachers on improvements and innovations implemented by them  in the teaching methods. Of the 44 inno-teaching papers submitted from 18 schools, 6 were recognized.

is an initiative that encourages students to showcase their improvement stories. 23 PANKH papers were submitted from as many as 19 schools. 5 papers have been recognised.

Several new initiatives had been  introduced in the previous  year 2016-:
DARE TO TRY : Dare To Try is a new initiative started in 2016 that recognizes innovative attempts at improvement that have not succeeded. It aims to encourage learning from failures. 9 projects were submitted and 1 was awarded.

OUTSTANDING ACTIVITY CLUB: This is a new initiative introduced in 2016. The purpose of this award is to promote/motivate schools to focus on leveraging these activity clubs to promote overall student development.
27 improvement projects were submitted from 19 schools and 3 were awarded.
TEACHER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING: This is another new initiative  introduced in 2016. The purpose of this award is to  recognize efforts of teachers for excellence  in teaching. 5 teachers were awarded from 23 applicants .

Program Function Highlights: In his welcome address, Mr Sunil Bhaskaran, Chairman TEEP & Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel, congratulated  the TEEP team for, not only sustaining the program for 10+ years but revitalizing the program from time to time through various improvement initiatives. Mr. N.K. Sharan, Vice President, Tata Business Excellence Group  shared the performance highlights of the TEEP program over the years, besides drawing attention to the new initiatives introduced Dare  To Try , Outstanding Activity Club  and Teacher Award for excellence in teaching, which are aimed to enhance engagement of teachers and  students with TEEP.
During his address, Dr. Jamshed J Irani  stated that he was happy to know that the program was achieving success in its intent to develop concepts of excellence and quality in students.
In his address, the Chief Guest , Mr T V Narendran, lauded the  initiatives taken under TEEP.
The TEEP Annual Award programme was attended by a large number of Principals, teachers and students and managing committee members of more than 50 schools, senior government officials, Senior executives of Tata Group of Companies, Union leaders, retired executives, and senior citizens. Dr. Deepali Misra  from TBExG  conducted the program.

Reward & Recognition Outcome –TEEP 2016

Process: TEEP assessment is done on a score of 1000 points. Schools are recognized for attaining a specific score band for the first time or   “sustained award” for maintaining excellence levels within the specific score-bands mentioned below. The score is given by a team of trained Assessors. The Assessors also give strengths and OFI (Opportunities for Improvement) to the schools for working on further improvements. Jury nominated by TEEP executive-committee reviews the score.


Category Score Band(out of 1000) Schools
Dr. J. J. Irani Award for Excellence in Education 600 & above(Sustained)
  • Baug-e-Jamsheed School
  • Kerala Samajam Model School , Sakchi
Commendation for Outstanding Achievement of Excellence in Education 550-599 (First Time)

  • Jusco School , South Park
  • Gulmohur High School
  • Motilal Nehru Public School

  • J H Tarapore School
  • Tarapore School Agrico
Commendation for Extraordinary Achievement in Excellence in Education 500-549 (First time)

500-549 (Sustained)
  • Hill Top School , Telco

  • JUSCO School ,Kadma
  • Kerala Public School , Kadma
  • Kerala Public School ,Mango
Commendation for Significant Achievement in Excellence in Education 450-499 (Sustained)
  • Kerala Public School , Burmamines
  • NML Kerala Public School
  • Vidya Bharti Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Telco
Commendation for Strong Commitment to Excellence in Education 400-449  
Commendation for Commitment to Excellence in Education 350-399 (First time)

350-399 (Sustained)
  • RMS High School , Khutadih
  • Kasidih High School

  • AIWC Academy of Excellence
  • Baridih High School , AIWC

20  Schools that undertook TEEP Regular Assessment in the year 2015 & 2016 as follows:

1. AIWC Academy of Excellence
2. Baridih High School AIWC
3. Baug-e-Jamsheed School
4. Gulmohur High School , Telco
5. Hill Top School , Telco
6. J.H.Tarapore School
7. JUSCO School Kadma
8. JUSCO School , South Park
9. Kasidih High School
10. Kerala Public School, Burmamines
11. Kerala Public School ,Kadma
12. Kerala Public School, Mango
13. NML Kerala Public School
14. Little Flower School
15. Motilal Nehru Public School
16. NML Kerala Public School
17. RMS High School ,Khutadih
18. St Mary’s Noamundi
19. Tarapore School,Agrico
20. Vidya Bharti Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Telco


All these 20 schools have undergone Dipcheck in the two-year period (2015-17).

Kerala Public school, Gamharia, having participated in Dipcheck in 2016, is now eligible to participate in the Regular Assessment Programme in 2017-18



Process: Schools are assessed on a compliance score  using a Basic Checklist. The assessment is performed by trained assessors. Schools  obtaining a score of over 90 % are recognized and are eligible to apply for Regular Program. 9  schools participated in the Basic Program  and 3  were recognized.

Commendation for Successful Completion of Basic Assessment Score greater than 90
  • Govind Vidyalaya ,Tamulia
  • KPS Kadma Project School
  • KPS Mango Project School
  • KPS Tamar-Ekalavya Model Residential School
  • Kerala Samajam Hindi School
  • NML KPS Project School
  • RMS High School
  • Balichela Vivek Vidyalaya , Govindpur
Participation in Basic Assessment Certificate for Participation
  • ABMPA High School , Rahargora
  • Chinmaya Vidyalaya , South Park
  • Rajkiya Krit Odiya Middle School , Adityapur



Process: Schools are assessed on a compliance score  using a SARAL  Checklist. The assessment is performed by trained assessors. Schools  obtaining a score of over 90 % are recognized and are eligible to apply for Basic Program. 21  schools participated in the Saral  Assessment and 6  were recognized.

Commendation for Successful Completion of Saral Assessment Score greater than 90
  1. Gopabandhu Vidyapith
  2. Madhya Evam Ucch Vidyalaya Laxminagar
  3. Primary School Byangbil
  4. SKM High School, Bagantola
  5. SSKN High School , Dimna
  6. Vidya Jyoti Tinplate High School
Participation in Saral Assessment Certificate for Participation
  1. Primary School Tupudang
  2. Primary School Kero
  3. Middle School Rajdoha
  4. Upraded Middle School , Lowadih
  5. High School Gitilata, Potka
  6. GEL Church High School,Kitadih
  7. Chotanagpur Vikas High School Silpahari
  8. Adarsh Madhya Vidyalaya, Chologora
  9. Manpur High School ,Potka
  10. Sri Kalgidhar Middle School
  11. Tinplate Andhra Middle School
  12. Tinplate Union Inter Mahavidyalaya
  13. Tinplate Muslim Middle School
  14. Tinplate Khalsa Middle School
  15. Hindusthan Mitra Mandal



Improvement projects/papers/applications   on EQUIP , Dare To Try , Innoteaching , Pankh, Oustanding Activity Club, Teacher Award and Pearl  are submitted by various schools. The  shortlisted papers are presented before a Jury for evaluation  and the selected papers are recognized.
The selected papers/projects/applicants which received awards were:

Award School Project/Paper/Applicant
EQUIP Motilal Nehru Public School Analytical Rubrics for Evaluation
Kerala Public School, Kadma Ramanujam's Magic An innovative approach to teach math in Class IV
Kerala Samajam Model School Giving Wings to Expression Enhancing student learning in English
Dare to Try Kerala Samajam Model School No Child Left Behind A unique attempt to provide a learning environment for poor performers
Innoteaching Jusco School, South Park Relay Race: An exclusive method of teaching science
Tarapore School, Agrico Mathemagic Innovative techniques for Activity based Learning
Kerala Public School, Gamharia Climbing the Ladders of Success Ethically
ABMPA High School, Rahargora Better English in 30 days! Strengthening Vocabualry of students of Class VII
Samudayik Uchha Vidyalaya, Baregora Teaching Square Root An innovative approach
Samudayik Uchha Vidyalaya, Baregora Teaching Elements with Atomic Number 1-20
Pankh Kerala Public School, Gamharia Hum Saath Saath Hain Sensitizing students towards Washroom Etiquette
Kerala Samajam Model School Happiness spread through care
Eklavya Model Residential School, Tamar Learning through agriculture Converting wasteland into a thriving vegetable garden
Tinplate Khalsa Middle School Ensuring Hygiene during Mid Day Meal
NML KPS Project school Teaching guardians to read, write and sign
Outstanding Activity Cub Kasidih High School Value Management club: Enhancing product value through innovative waste recycling
NML, Kerala Public School Eco Club-Green Soldiers Conserving, building, and creating awareness on environment
Jusco School Kadma Heritage Club Sensitizing students towards preservation of heritage and culture
Teacher Award Jusco School, Kadma Akansha Sinha
J H Tarapore School Jasmeet Kaur Rekhi
Kasidih High School Lalitha Parasuraman
Tarapore School Manjeet Kaur
Kerala Samajam Model School Rina Banerjee
PEARL Kerala Public School, Gamharia Use of coloured tapes to enable KG students bring the right copies & books
JUSCO School, South Park Teacher KRA for motivation and High performance
RMS High School, Khutadih " A penny can bring smile to many" A Student led initiative to help the needy students of the school
J H Tarapore School Primary Assembly: A unique method for enhancing values & Listening Skills
NML KPS Project School Checklist Approach to Ensure Consciousness for Toilet Hygiene
Tinplate Muslim Middle School Combined Teaching of Multiple Classes
Vidya Jyoti Tinplate High School Encouraging healthy Competition through House-wise Score Board reflecting Student performance in Academics, Cultural activities Discipline & Cleanliness
Primary School, Byangbil Sharing Question papers through WhatsApp between schools to ensure uniform syllabus coverage
Govind Vidyalaya, Tamulia Peer Correction to improve spelling