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Ever since the inception of TEEP in 2003, schools have been practicing the concepts of excellence using the Education Excellence  framework. Process focus has been one of the cornerstones of the TEEP framework and over the years, schools have developed ,implemented and nurtured  processes.

A number of good practices have thus evolved and been implemented within the schools. However, these practices, by and large, have remained confined within the the walls of the school. In an age when information is available at the click of a button, sharing with each other is the fastest means of learning. Rather than reinventing the wheel, it is easier to reuse and adapt.

TQMS is  providing  a forum (via exhibitions, good practice booklets, web-site) for schools  to showcase their good practices, and also to learn from  each other. Good practices are typically identified as part of the assessment process.

Good Practices have been compiled for each year and maintained in the website.

Good Pratice Title Name of School
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School NameGood Practice TitleTEEP CategoryYear
Gulmohur High School WORLD CAFÉ Leadership 2015
J H Tarapore School Mapping of Processes School Environment 2015
JUSCO School Kadma Cleanometer School Environment 2015
JUSCO School South Park Envirometrics School Environment 2015
Baug-E- Jamsheed School A Look at our special days School Environment 2014
J H Tarapore school Swavalamban Workforce Focus 2014
Jusco School, Kadma Instilling Excellence in Students Teaching/Learning 2014
Jusco School, Kadma Performance Mangement System Teacher and Staff Focus 2014
Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir, Ghatsila Observance of Colour Days School Environment 2014
Gulmohur High School Global Exposure - International Partnerships Leadership 2013
Jusco School, Kadma Mother Volunteers Student, Parent , Stakeholder Focus 2013
Jusco School, Kadma Tech Savvy Faculty and Students School Environment 2013
Kerala Public School, Mango DEAR Time Student, Parent , Stakeholder Focus 2013
Kerala Samajam Model School Improvement through Error Analysis Teaching/Learning 2013
Tarapore School Agrico BIS-KIDS Student, Parent , Stakeholder Focus 2013
JUSCO School, South Park Customised Lesson Plan Teaching/Learning 2012
Kerala Public School, Mango Seven Sheets for Tracking Student Performance Teaching/Learning 2012
Kerala Samajam Model School Section A: A novel approach for Slow Learners Teaching/Learning 2012
Kidzee Pearly Gates SMART START-Assembly with fun School Environment 2012
Narbheram Hansraj English School Personal Performance Graph for Students Teaching/Learning 2012