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One of the core fundamentals of Excellence is Continuous  Improvement. Continuous improvement is the catalyst that drives schools towards higher levels of excellence. The TEEP Assessment has a scoring dimension for 'Learning', with emphasis on fact based learning. How does a school address improvement?

EQUIP  is a methodology which focuses on the entire cycle of an improvement project starting from improvement opportunity identification to  its solution and closure. A typical  EQUIP team comprises of  4-5 members. EQUIP clearly identifies different stages leading to the solution , with steps and deliverables for each stage. A number of universal  'Quality tools ' like Check sheets Pareto Diagram, Ishikawa Diagram, Root Analysis, Stratification which help in problem analysis and solution from part of the EQUIP methodology.

EQUIP Projects are classified into three categories:

  • Improvement through Problem Solving, (e.g. reducing rate of failures in Maths in Class X), where the root cause of the problem has to be found out and the solution to be arrived at. Here the emphasis is more on Diagnosis of the problem and Remedial Action using data and logic
  • Improvement through Executing Task (e.g. creating a new infrastructure ..math Lab), where the solution to the problem is known. The task has to be set up to implement the solution. Here the emphasis is on approaches used by the Team and how well the task has been executed.
  • Improvement through Innovation, (creating a new method of assessing learning), where alternative ideas have been tried out. Here the emphasis is on the originality /newness of the solution and its impact.

Each EQUIP category is supported by a Workbook used as a reference guide cum report by EQUIP teams. One Workbook is required to be filled in for each EQUIP project.

Schools submit completed EQUIP projects to TQMS every year under all the 3 categories. Selected EQUIPS are awarded-the website contains shortlisted EQUIP projects and their description.

Equip Project Title Equip Type
Name of School Year
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EQUIP Project TitleEQUIP CategoryEQUIP TypeName of SchoolYear
Pace with Shapes- Improving Math Scores in Std VII Teaching/Learning Innovation Baridih High School-AIWC 2018
Lakshya-To increase participation in Hobby Classes School Environment Executing Task Kerala Public School , Gamharia 2018
Public Speaking Made Easy Teaching/Learning Executing Task Gulmohur High School 2017
Digi Revolution- Leveraging IT to Enhance Engagement with Parents School Environment Executing Task Jusco School South Park 2017
Topo Tricks-Hands on Learning about Topography Teaching/Learning Problem Solving Kerala Samajam Model School 2017
Attitude of Gratitude- Enhancing Student Paticipation in Community Service Leadership Executing Task Kerala Public School,Gamharia 2017
Inno- Trigo- Hands on Learning of Trigonometry Teaching/Learning Innovation NML Kerala Public School 2017
Giving Wings to Expression - enhancing student learning in English Teaching/Learning Problem Solving Kerala Samajam Model School 2016
Ramanujam's Magic-an innovative approach to teach math in Class IV Teaching/Learning Innovation Kerala Public School , Kadma 2016
Analytical Rubrics for Evaluation Teaching/Learning Executing Task Motilal Nehru Public School 2016
Young Leaders Programme Teaching/Learning Innovation Gulmohur High School 2015
Value Library School Environment Innovation JUSCO School South Park 2015
Fun Filled Friday Teaching/Learning Innovation Kerala Samajam Model School 2015
Shh…..still talking Teaching/Learning Problem Solving Motilal Nehru Public School 2015
Parachute Play Teaching/Learning Executing Task Baug-e-Jamsheed 2015
Office Digitisation-The Ginnie School Environment Executing Task Kasidih High School 2015
To Improve Listening Skills of Students Teaching/Learning Problem Solving RMS High School Khutadih 2015
Teachers' Excellence Workforce Development Problem Solving Tarapore School Agrico 2015
Sand - A Fun Learning Medium Teaching/Learning Executing Task Baug-E-Jamsheed School 2014
Comic Strip Teaching/Learning Innovation Gulmohur High School 2014